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Looking for battered or part-cooked food?

We have been manufacturing products for the food service industry for over 20 years, with one goal... to make great products that keep customers coming back for more! As well as being legendary for our hotdogs, we offer a range of gluten free options for your take-away, lunch bar, pub, restaurant or event menu. You'll also find our gluent free range in the freezer at selected supermarkets and speciality stores. As well as manufacturing under our own brand, we also provide a contract manufacture service as well.

Add our products to your menu, and you'll be good as gold!

Kiwiana Classics

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Our Classic Range consists of traditional battered products seen on the menus of take-aways, lunch bars, pubs and institutions. The range offers the convenience of being able to quickly prepare value-for-money, tasty meals and snacks for large numbers of people.

Golden Goose hotdogs are legendary, regularly featuring at A&P Shows, rugby matches, concerts and other events.

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Gluten Free

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Purchasing gluten free pre-battered product significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen, as contamination can readily occur from flour particles in the air. We have a dedicated manufacturing area with equipment that is only used for producing gluten free products.

Many of our tasters couldn’t tell the difference between our gluten-free and flour batter!

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Finger Food


We have several new products under development. Check back for updates or email us requesting information requesting information.

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Battered or part-cooked
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