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gftreets facebook-180815The most recent addition to the Golden Goose range is the GF Treets Range

The range was launched at the Christchurch Gluten Free Food Expo 09 and with over 5,000 people taste testing the products and giving them the big thumbs up. "We have rigorously tested our range to ensure they give the same 'eating experience' as regular batter. Many of our tasters couldn’t tell the difference between Golden Goose gluten free batter and 'regular' flour batter!"  - Jo Williamson Golden Goose Director

Purchasing gluten free pre-battered product significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen, as contamination can readily occur from flour particles in the air. We have a dedicated manufacturing area with equipment that is only used for producing gluten free products. Our products are free flow frozen so there is no waste and stock will always be available, even on the busiest nights. Our gluten free products have been approved by the Coeliac Society of NZ (Inc).

The following are all Gluten Free!

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