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With Golden Goose hotdogs you'll be as good as gold

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We have been manufacturing products for the food service industry for over 20 years, with one key goal... to make great products that keep customers coming back for more!

Our Classic Range consists of traditional battered products seen on the menus of take-aways, lunch bars, pubs and institutions. The range offers the convenience of being able to quickly prepare value-for-money, tasty meals and snacks for large numbers of people.

Golden Goose hotdogs are legendary, regularly featuring at A&P Shows, rugby matches, concerts and other events. With five different dogs offering various sausage types and batter styles there is one to suit every occasion. The range is rounded out by our popular mini hotdogs. "Our hotdogs are regularly chosen in ‘blind’ tasting trials for their taste, which is no surprise to us, as the meat content in Golden Goose hot dogs is up to double that of some of our competitors." - Jo Williamson Goldne Goose



At 24cms this is a hotdog to make you stand out from the crowd. A hot item for outlets that have a strong following of young male customers.

Average weight: 115gms
Units per carton: 25
Batter type: Wrinkly



Our very popular value offering. For a few cents more than the cost of a standard you get 20gms more sausage to charge a retail premium.

Average weight: 125gms
Units per carton: 50
Batter type: Wrinkly

Tempura No.8

Tempura No_8

A traditional hotdog wrapped in a tempura batter. Popular in food service, convenience outlets, events and take-aways.

Average weight: 115gms
Units per carton: 50
Batter type: Tempura

Standard Hotdog


Traditional hotdog in a wrinkly batter. Popular for food service, convenience outlets, events and take-aways.

Average weight: 105gms
Units per carton: 50
Batter type: Wrinkly

Cocktail Hotdog


A traditional mini sausage in wrinkly batter.

Average weight: 26gms
Units per carton: 100
Batter type: Wrinkly

Battered Pattie


Homestyle meat pattie in gluten free batter.

Average weight: 85-90gms
Units per carton: 30

Pineapple Rings

Pineapple Rings

Pineapple ring in gluten free batter.

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