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With over 20 years in the food service industry we have a range of resources we have collected or developed over the years that have aided getting consistently good results out of our businesses that we will share as we get time.

NZ Food Safety Authority

Free Resource from the New Zealand Food Standards Authority

Food Control Plan - NZFSA - Full version

This is the full Food Control Plan in English. It is also available to download FREE in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Hindi at:

Other FREE resources on this page include posters for staff training, stickers, fridge magnets and a diary for food service and catering businesses.

Tips on chips

Tips on_Chips_Guidelines

The Tips On Chips group of companies has done some great work on how to make great tasting and healthy chips that will keep your customers coming back. We fully support the recommended Bang, Shake & Hang campaign as a great way for not only the best tasting chips, but all fried products.

Tips On Chips has free on-line training for employees, and other free resources.

Tips On Chips.pdf
Tips on Chips Poster (English)
Tips on Chips Poster (Chinese)
Tips on Chips Guidelines
Recommendations for Frying Mediums

For information from the Heart Foundation:

Safe handling of gluten free products in your kitchen

Some simple precautions, and staff education, is all it takes to minimize the risk of making customers unwell by cross contaminating gluten free food while it is in your kitchen. Click on the link below to print off Golden Goose’s guidelines for the safe handling of their products in your kitchen. 

Keeping gluten free products safe in your kitchen

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) has spent a lot of time and money developing resources for retailers. The page below provides a great resource for training staff on how to respond to customer queries about allergens and how to manage allergens in the kitchen.

Food Control Plan - NZFSA - Page 30 - Food Allergens 

Allergy resources

For information about coeliac disease, contact the Coeliac Society

A good resource on all allergies is Allergy New Zealand

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